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The Advanced Entertainment Platform

DIRECTV’s next-generation content delivery solution, the Advanced Entertainment Platform, provides DIRECTV linear satellite and free-to-customer app-based content for an enhanced entertainment experience for your guests, residents, and patients with no login or password required. 

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ADVANCED ENTERTAINMENT PLATFORM (AEP): Professional install. req’d. Req’s one receiver per TV, each sold separately. Add’l monthly fee of $2.25 per room per month applies. Each TV must have available HDMI port. Req’d programming: DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Pack or above. 4K programming w/AEP req’s compatible TV and DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Pack, XTRA Pack or ULTIMATE Pack. Req’s broadband internet access w/ recommended speed of 25 Mbps per 100 receivers. Internet access not included. Compatibility: COM2000 w/ COM51 card or COM3000.  Other system limits and requirements may apply.

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We Are Aufderworld Corp

Located in Plymouth, Minnesota Aufderworld Corp provides quality entertainment services.

Aufderworld Corp is a DIRECTV dealer and audio/video company that has been dedicated to providing top customer service and support, focusing on consulting, engineering, and installation. We add recommendations from both our design and engineering teams to provide tailored solutions and our experienced staff and network of certified support partners provide service to numerous locations. 

Worry-Free System Maintenance

Worry-Free System Maintenance

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